Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Sweet Caroline

Caroline just seemed to be extra sweet this morning for some reason. Maybe it is because I know my Christmas break is coming to an end on Thursday, and I will really miss her when I go back to work. She has just made our Christmas so special this year. It just makes every other Christmas we have ever had before seem so empty because she hasn't been in them. Here are some pictures of her from this morning. These are typical morning pictures of her sitting on our bed while I get ready in the morning. Sometimes she will want down so that she can go to her mirror, which is a 1930s dresser in our bedroom that she absolutely loves to stand in, and practices her "No's" and her twirls. Caroline has simply taken over this dresser and this will eventually move to her room when she gets older. This has become known as "Caroline's mirror."

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Today is finally Christmas! It has been a wonderful day and a very, very busy one for our family. First we got up at about 8:00am and Caroline opened presents from Santa Claus. Her big present from Santa was a pink kitchen, and after that she wasn't much interested in anything else. After her Santa presents were opened at our house, we went to Grandma Pae and Papa's to open presents and eat breakfast with them. We had pecan and blueberry pancakes that were wonderful! Caroline got a wagon which she pulled around their house through everybody's presents. She also got to ride on the three wheeler with Papa. After having breakfast with my parents, we left for lunch in Atlanta with Robert's family at his Uncle Marshal's house. We have lots of cute pictures with Caroline playing with her cousins Brandon, Madison, twins-Mia and Chloe, and Tyler. In Atlana, Caroline also got to see her Great-Grandmother Combs. Here are some pictures from today.
Pictures from Santa's Visit at Our House:

Grandma Pae and Papa's House:

Uncle Marshal's House in Atlanta:

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Today was a very busy day for our family. First we went to Robert's parents for lunch and opened presents. Caroline had a lot of fun really opening presents for the first time. She had a really good time with Cousin Tyler. After seeing Robert's parents in the afternoon, we went home and Caroline got a chance to take a nap before we went to my Aunt Linda and Uncle John's where my family always gets together for Christmas Eve. Cousin Wylie was up from Savannah and it was wonderful to see him again. She has had a good time today playing with her two boy cousins. Caroline has had a wonderful and very busy Christmas Eve and is ready to start again tomorrow. Here are some pictures first from from Robert's parents and then from my Aunt Linda's.

Grandma Martha's and Granddad's:
Aunt Linda and Uncle John's House: