Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Faerie Sprites and Trick or Treating

Caroline had a wonderful time tonight trick or treating. We had her dressed as a faerie; however, getting her to wear her wings was almost impossible until Aunt Christina talked her into it. Tonight we had my parents and Christina over for dinner. After dinner everyone took turns answering the door giving out candy, while we walked Caroline around to a few houses trick or treating. Here are some shots from tonight.

Halloween Morning Fun

This morning Caroline woke up in a snit and gave Robert quite a bit of trouble getting dressed in her Halloween outfit for the day. Here are some pictures Robert snapped of her this morning.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Caroline and her Papa

Caroline spent the night with her Grandma Pae and Papa on Sunday night, and spent the day Monday with them while Carolyn had jury duty. She always has a fabulous time when she visits her grandparents especially when she gets to spend time with her favorite person of all: Papa. They build things in his shop together, play with the puppies, ride the three wheeler around the yard (very carefully of course), and snooze in front of the television. Here are some pictures sent to me from their time together.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Reading Time, Pink Poodles, and Bojangles

Today I stayed home sick so when Caroline came home from Carolyn's with beanie weanies in her hair, lemon eucalyptus bug spray, and dirt from head to toe I was not feeling 100 percent to tackle bath time with this dirty toddler. Robert had stopped by Bojangles on the way home and had grabbed a kiddie meal for Caroline, and picked us up some dinner as well. I immediately carried her to the bath tub and scrubbed her down. Once she had passed her cleanliness inspection, it was suppertime. Before we could make it to the kitchen, Caroline decided to read a book at her little wicker tea table. We snapped these pictures of her reading "big girl style", and also of her being bad by standing in her chair which she knows she isn't supposed to do. In the meantime, she found her favorite pink poodle and she fussed at him. We decided to see what she would do if we sat him at her tea table while she read her book. She immediately fussed at him by saying: "No, No, No!' After reading her book, suppertime consisted of chicken fingers and green beans for Caroline. We know never to get her french fries since that is all she refuses to eat. I think she really enjoyed eating her green beans though. It takes much concentration.

Pink Boa Temper Tantrums

These are from the weekend. I cannot even remember what they were over. Caroline and I are definitely kindred spirits in the way we do our temper tantrums or the way I did my temper tantrums when I was a child:)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mama's Shoes and Box Forts

Caroline has had a really fun Saturday. She got to sleep in late this morning and then woke up to an enormous breakfast consisting of a blueberry muffin from Starbucks. She played hard today in her new box fort that we brought in from the garage for her. Grandma Pae and Papa have one for at their house but it doesn't have windows. We cut windows in our box and Caroline has loved it. She has played in it all day. After her afternoon nap, we did a family jaunt to Walmart and came home where Caroline played more in her new, cool box fort and I also snapped these cute pictures of her walking around in my flip flops. She is now sound asleep after a hard day of box forts, shopping trips, and more box forts.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sinus Infection, Soccer, and a New Outfit

This morning when I woke Caroline up her right eye was nearly swollen shut. My first thought was pink eye, but after looking at the eye I noticed there was no matting or drainage at all. Her eye itself was totally clear; however, the eyelid and underneath the eye were entirely swollen. Anyway, I called my mom and she took Caroline to the doctor who ended up saying that it was a bad sinus infection. Caroline was not running a fever or acting sick at all. In fact all day she has been in wonderful spirits according to my parents who kept her today. My mom just brought her back home all clean and in a precious outfit that my Aunt Linda bought for her. She is also wearing blue Reboks from Grandma Pae. Since being home, Caroline has played soccer with Robert, played with her blocks (in her pink boa), read several books, and ridden her Dora the Explorer car around the house. Even though she might technically have a sinus infection and be on an antibiotic, I think she is really feeling quite playful this evening, and unless things change she will be at Carolyn's in the morning.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Toothbrushes, Bugs, and Timeout

Caroline had a busy day today. I have been taking her to Carolyn's this week because Robert started his new job at Ft. Gordon. We have had to get up a little bit earlier and I have been running a bit late to work. Usually I get ready and then wake Caroline up, change her diaper, and dress her and we're out the door. This morning Caroline beat me too it. She was awake before I could get ready this morning, and crying before I could get into her room. I dressed her as usual and she brushed her teeth before going to the babysitters. Here is a picture of her brushing her teeth this morning.

When I picked Caroline up from Carolyn's she was playing in the sandbox. Her hair was so slick with bugspray and sand, and her face was covered with dirt. She was like a piece of shake'n bake chicken because she had sand falling our of her hair, ears, nose, shoes, socks, and any place else that sand could go. At home I took her immediately to the bath tub. Here is a picture of her before I could bathe her.
After Caroline's bath, she was very tired and very, very grumpy and she had several little temper tantrums. So she was put in timeout. Here is a picture of her in time out. But as you can see she bounced back and was soon dancing to her refrigerator music box.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Daddy's Birthday

Robert had his 34th Birthday on Saturday, October 13th. We ended up having two parties: one with my parents on Saturday and one with Robert's parents on Sunday. Caroline enjoyed herself immensely at Grandma Pae's and Papa's. We ended up staying late at my parents on Saturday night and getting her ready for bed on Saturday while we were there. Here is Caroline getting ready for the long ride home.

On Sunday we went to Robert's parents and celebrated Robert's birthday. Maggie, Tory, and Tyler came. Caroline had a wonderful time playing with Cousin Tyler who is 15 months. They played in the backyard on Alan's riding lawnmower, both were experts on the mechanics of the lawnmower, their other grandfathers let them play on them. Caroline also got into trouble with Tyler by playing in Martha's goldfish pond and by eating the rocks around her pond.