Friday, November 30, 2007

Caroline at Aunt Lil and Uncle John's

Today Caroline spent the day with Grandma Pae and Papa, and will spend tonight with them. They had a great time as always with Caroline playing in the shop, playing with the puppies, and riding the three-wheeler. Today was extra special because they took her to visit Aunt Lil. Caroline has always especially loved Aunt Lil; there has always been a special connection there, as if they have known each other many times before. Here are a few pictures from their visit.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Caroline's Photo Shoot at Dr. Kiernan's Studio

Caroline had an exclusive photo shoot today at our friends' Rachel and Dennis' house. Dennis is a local dentist who has taken up photography as a hobby. He has ordered an entire photo studio, and with his dental camera he has started taking pictures of his daughter, Madelyn. They were really nice and took pictures of Caroline today at their home studio, and I think they did an awesome job. I have so many "formal" Fitz-Symms pictures of Caroline that it was fun to have some ordinary and fun pictures of her. Here are some of the shots that were taken of her today. Thanks Rachel and Dennis!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today was a very busy day for all of us. We woke up and went to my Mom and Dad's for Thanksgiving lunch at 1:00 p.m. and then we had to be at Robert's parents at 5:00 p.m. Lunch at Grandma Pae and Papa's was fun for Caroline because Cousin Wylie came to visit from Savannah and she hasn't seen him since Easter. They had a really good time playing together and it was really good to see everyone. While growing up we used to get together every Sunday at our Grandmother's, now it is down to Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. So the holidays have become very special when everyone is finally together again.

Dinner at Grandma Martha's and Granddad's was fun too. Cousin Tyler was there and he was very grumpy and tired and by this time so was Caroline. The food was really good. Caroline really enjoyed Grandma Martha's ham; she wasn't to certain about the asparagus though. Tyler and Caroline played,but Caroline was a bit bossy and Tyler was getting really fussy and had to be put to bed early before the meal was finished. But all it was a nice evening and a very nice Thanksgiving for Caroline. But Mommy and Daddy are very, very tired:)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Caroline at Daddy's Soccer Game

Today was Robert's final soccer game in the play offs. Unfortunately his team didn't win, but Robert did score a goal. Caroline and I went to see him play and she had a wonderful time even though by the time the game was over she was getting grumpy because it was nap time. Here are some pictures of her and Robert during practice time before the game. I spent the entire game trying to keep Caroline from running on the field and trying to play ball with her Daddy. She also had a melt down when he had to go back and play after half time. The little girl in the picture is named Katherine and is the daughter of a player. Somehow she befriended Caroline and followed us around the entired game:)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Caroline's First Merritt Reunion in Greene County

Today we went to my family renuion in Greene County. It was Caroline's first time that she has ever been. Robert and I rode up with Caroline separately and met Christina, my parents and my aunt and uncle there. Caroline had a wonderful day and was not shy. She is definitely as my mother put it "master of her universe." She walked in like she had known everybody her entire lives, made herself entirely at home. She swiped other people's sweet teas, fussed at them, and mingled :) All day people were mentioning how much Caroline looked like my mother, or Grandma Pae when she was a little girl. I definitely see my mother in Caroline. Today she saw horses and cows. She also got to play on my Uncle Jack's tractor. Later after we left my family's farm, we rode through Reynold's Plantation and stopped by the Greensboro airport so that Robert could see it because he will be soloing for the very first time next month from Aiken Airport. Greensboro is a possible destination for his cross country flight. I have some catching up to do as far as my flight lessons are concerned. I don't think I am as brave as he is to solo so fast. Anyway, here are some pictures from my Merritt family reunion.