Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Prissy Little Tomboy

Tonight we had to go to a wake for my great-aunt Vera so I immediately came home and bathed Caroline. Robert was running late, and since it was cold outside, I put Caroline in this adorable black velvet dress that Aunt Christina had given her for Christmas. Before Robert could get home, Caroline had gotten out all of her toys, played in the curtains, and harrassed both cats. She has started to really "love" on Eliza of late:. I think it serves the silly little kitten right because of all the times she walks across my head during the night. Anyway, here are some pictures of her before we left tonight.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Robert Solo's Today at Aiken Airport

Today Robert soloed today at Aiken Airport. He has 17 hours of air time and has been ready for a while now. My parents along with myself and Caroline came to watch him. He flew a Cessna 152 which is a 2 seater. He took an hour lesson with his flight instructor, Kirk, and then the last thirty minutes of the lesson he flew three times around the pattern and completed three touch and goes entirely by himself. I was scared to death and I knew he was; I was also very proud of him. He did an awesome job. It really makes me want to start back with my own flying lessons. Anyway, after he was finished, tradition dictates that that you must cut the shirt tail off of the shirt you wore when you soloed. I have pictures of Kirk doing that. He will get his shirttail back once he gets his private pilot's license.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mommy and Me Ballet Lessons

Caroline and I have started taking Mommy and Me Ballet Lessons at the Martinez-Evans Dance studio. It has been great because it is for 2 year olds only. The mothers only are there to watch the little girls. No we aren't wearing tutus:) I get asked that all the time. I wear regular clothes. It is only Caroline who gets to wear the fabulous little tutu. I would have killed to wear it at her age. I have to admit I am secretly jealous that I never got to do something like this. Anyway, Caroline loves this class and it is full of really nice people and cute little girls. Today was our official class. Unfortunately, we woke up late so Robert snapped some pictures of Caroline before class while I was still getting ready. Then our camera battery died on us and I wasn't able to bring it to class. I had an adorable little skirt that went with Caroline's leotard's but it was a little to big. So she just wore the tights today. My favorite part of her outfit of all are her little shoes. I secretly want a pair:) Here are some pictures from today.

Home at Play on a Cold and Rainy Afternoon

This afternoon, since it was so cold outside Caroline mostly played inside today. She insisted on getting out all of her toys: every last one of them as you can tell by the pictures taken in our living room. She has been into everything today, especially the curtains which is Robert's pet peeve. Robert would just as soon as see these curtains go, as see them stay. Over Christmas when we got new windows in our house, he told me that he liked the house better without my curtains. I, on the otherhand, looked for ages for the perfect curtains for my parlor and dining room, that would puddle on the floor. They had to be raw silk and the perfect color. I came across them at Pottery Barn one Christmas and was esctatic because they were exactly as I had envisioned being in my Victorian/Edwardian parlor. However, with an almost two year old they make the perfect hiding places and of course when she hides in them she accidentally pulls them out of the wall at times. Robert has claimed that he is on strike for a while from fixing them. Personally, I think it is kind of cute how she hides in them and is quiet as a mouse until you can find her. Here are some pictures of her this evening in them and of her in the house playing.