Sunday, February 17, 2008

Caroline's Birthday Party. . . mine, mama's and Aunt Linda's too

Today is actually my birthday, yesterday was my mother's birthday, and Tuesday will be Caroline's birthday, and then Thursday will be Aunt Linda's birthday. We celebrated all four of our birthdays on Saturday which was actually Mama's birthday. It get's very confusing for everyone. Nobody minded having a Dora the Explorer themed party for Caroline. She had a wonderful birthday even though it was celebrated a few days early. We started the day off with our Mommy and me Ballet lessons and then we came home where she had a long nap. Thank goodness! for us so that we could get everything ready for the party. Caroline was feeling good so she played in the yard with her daddy before everyone got here. They played golf and soccer, and I even pulled her around the house in her wagon several times and once I got winded had to let Robert take over. Anyway once the family had arrived along with Adam and Kelsie and Isabella we ate dinner, had cake and ice cream, and then opened presents. Caroline's cake experience went fine until she kept trying to put on her birthday hat with her sticky fingers. After eating the cake we had to do an outfit change and I tried to get as much of the cake and ice cream out of her hair as I could. Also the party favors were a big hit with Caroline and Isabella. You can see Caroline with the candy necklace around her hair. I think Izzy especially loved the stickers. Caroline had great fun opening presents and Izzy enjoyed helping her. One of her most memorable gifts was the cow sleeping bag from Grandma Pae and Papa. It looks like a huge Cow Skin rug, but it is very soft and Caroline loves it. Anyway Caroline had a great birthday weekend with my family, and now she has another one to look forward too with Robert's family next weekend. I think she can get into the hang of this. For her parents though it is quite exhausting:)