Sunday, May 18, 2008

Caroline and her Red Fire Engine

These pictures were taken Saturday morning while Caroline played outside. It was a beautiful day on Saturday. I bought this Red Fire Engine pedal car for her intending it to be a Christmas present for this coming Christmas, but it's so heavy and we were keeping it in the garage and she happened to see it. I have let her have it early to play with during the summer. She loves playing with it and ringing the bell, but she is not quite big enough to reach the pedals. It's so adorable watching her play in it.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Caroline and her "Baby"

This has been such a hectic week for us. Over the last two weeks Robert, Caroline, and I have all been sick. It just seems to alternate from one to another. Last night Caroline had a high temperature and was feeling terrible. She went to the doctor and nothing was found to be wrong. Margaret thought it must just be a virus. This morning she woke up without a fever and was feeling much better. My mom said that she played most of the day, but after her nap seemed a little grumpy. I have been a anxious about her being sick because my Mom and Dad are keeping her Saturday night while Robert and I go to a Duran Duran concert in Atlanta. I hope that she continues to feel better throughout the weekend. Anyway, she has been particularly clingy to her "Baby" since she has been sick. Baby goes with her everywhere. And I mean everywhere. When we got home this evening, we got out this stroller that was a present from my Aunt for Caroline's birthday and she has been pushing it all over the house. My baby has her own "Baby":)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lauren and Todd's Engagement Party

Today we went to Lauren and Todd's engagement party in Atlanta that was being held at Sylvia's house. Their wedding is in June, and unfortunately it is on the day of Caroline's ballet recital. We just will not be able to make both. The party began at 11:00am and we all got up at about 8:00am. I had to bathe Caroline this morning and Robert and I rushed and got ready. We finally arrived, not too late, and had a great time. Caroline had fun with all of her cousins. Cousin Tyler was there and they really had a blast playing together. Caroline also had fun playing with the twins, Mia and Chloe. In the pictures below you can see "Princess Mia" on a horse with "King Robert". Caroline and Tyler got to eat lots of cake and almost lots of marbles :). And Lauren almost had her wedding gifts opened by Caroline, but we were able to stop her before any damage was done. On the way home Robert, Caroline, and I stopped for a Steak N' Shake milkshake. We all ordered one for each of us and Caroline's small (the order was wrong)was turned into a large, and the little rascal sucked on the thing all the way home to Robert's utter amazement, and fell asleep with it in her arms. So now we know to order Caroline her own milkshakes from now own.