Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rhinehart's Oyster Bar

My favorite restaurant anymore is Rhinehart's. We probably go there every week at least. There is no other place in town where you can sit outside, your child can throw rocks, or play in the dirt and it be okay. I also LOVE their fried oyster po'boys. Anyway, tonight we went to Rhinehart's and had a great time, and afterwards we went to Walmart where I spent my $100 gift card from the governor to help decorate my new media center. I bought a huge decorative mirror, 6 throw pillows, and two floor lamps--nothing was tax free for me. But I did spend within the budget and not have to put anything back:)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stephanie and Uncle John's Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Stephanie and Uncle John's birthday. It was so nice having everybody together again. Stephanie, Wylie, and Chris came up from Savannah for the weekend. We all had a really good time today. I only have one week left of summer-and since I am a new employee to Columbia County, I had to work three days this past week. I think I am going to really love my new school and the job will be a nice change. I am just not ready for summer to end, and I am going to really miss Caroline. It seems like we are really trying to cram so much into this last week. Anyway this will be my last weekend before school starts:(

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monday with Caroline and Isabella

On Monday, Isabella spent the day with Caroline and me. We went to the Sunrise Grill for breakfast. The girls had a really good time, although we did a bit of switching around with our food:) After that we all came back home and the girls played for a while, then we decided to go swimming. They had a really good time at the pool, even though Caroline could not be coaxed into the water. She mainly stayed on the edge and played with Izzy. Izzy, however, swims like a fish. She played with Robert's scuba mask, the floats, and ball. I think she had a great time. After the pool we came home, and the girls took a bath together. That was adorable! And then they both took a nap. We all had a really good day.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Too Much Energy!

This is a typical Caroline night. She is so full of energy before bed and then it's like her battery goes dead and she's ready for bed. I hope so anyway:)

Little Chef

Tonight while Robert played soccer, Caroline and I made pancakes for supper. Of course my little helper got very excited when she heard what we were going to be making. She practically took over. I think she is going to take after her Grandma Pae and be the grand chef for the family:) It seems to skip a generation because her mother definitely does not have the cooking gene.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bikini Babe

Today my bikini babe and I went to the pool for a few hours. We had a really good time. While there, she talked to Grandma Pae on the phone, sauntered around, sunbathed, and dipped her toes in whilst she ate her apples.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Afternoon Respite

So after Monkey Joes, we get home and I am ready for a NAP. Not so for Caroline---she still has a little bit more left in her tank. She decides to read, zoom around on her Dora car, and watch some T & J. Finally around 2:00 p.m. do I get her down for a brief afternoon nap. I wish I could just half a quarter of her energy.

Monkey Joes and Lunch with Weston

Oh to be two years old again! That's how Monkey Joe's makes you feel!!!! Today Caroline and I met Weston and Angie at Monkey Joe's and by the time we left, Angie and I were WORN out! Caroline had a great time playing with Weston. He is such a redheaded cutie and so sweet to play with. They played for about 45 minutes and then we decided to call it a day. Caroline goes a little nuts at Monkey Joe's. Sometimes when we get here we walk in and she is GONE. She knows exactly where she wants to go and each time she comes here she gets a little bit more daring. Today she went down a slide head first:( After Monkey Joe's we had lunch at The Desert Shop across the street, and Caroline and Weston shared potato chips and a few kisses. In fact, Caroline was kissing Weston a little too much. Several times she would push him, kiss him, hug him, push him, kiss him, and then hug him:))