Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Breakfast at Grandma Pae and Papa's House

After Christmas morning at our house, we headed to my parents. My mom was cooking blueberry and pecan pancakes as we got there. Of course Caroline wanted to help Grandma Pae cook as you can see below. She loves to help Grandma Pae cook when she goes to visit. I often tell Robert at least we'll have someone to cook for us in our old age :) We had a wonderful Christmas morning at Mama's as always!

Christmas Morning At Home

Christmas morning at home for Caroline was great. It was so much fun seeing her face when she saw her gifts from Santa. Our girl definitely by now has the present opening thing down. Her big present from us is her trampoline, but she did get some other gifts from Santa. Here are some pictures from Christmas morning at home below:

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we stopped by Kelsie and Adam's house so that Caroline and Isabella could exchange gifts. They were really cute together like always. They ended up going into Izzy's room and playing dressup. This is something that Caroline is REALLY getting into :) After visiting with the Cato's we went to Robert's parents. The pictures with Robert's parents are really cute this year. Tyler and Caroline had a ball playing together. Caroline loved her presents from everyone. Unfortunately we didn't get to visit with my family this Christmas at my Aunts because Cousin Wylie came up from Savannah with strep throat. We didn't want to expose Caroline to this because she seems to catch any bug that comes around. We didn't know he was sick until the late afternoon so we ate our Christmas Eve dinner with the other displaced souls at Applebees.

Alan and Martha's