Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Scooter

We decided to take Caroline to the library and let her ride around the pond and really try out her scooter. She did good her first time, wanted to take a break at the playground, and got tired half-way around the pond. Her dad had to push her the rest of the way :) But she sure did look cute. . .

Christmas Dinner with Alan and Martha

This year we had a delicious dinner with Grandad Alan and Grandma Martha. Alan grilled a scrumptious tenderloin--that was to die for! Caroline and Tyler enjoyed opening presents together, and jamming together as you can see below :) We all had a great Christmas dinner together.

Christmas Brunch at Grandma Pae's and Papa's

We always eat Christmas Brunch with Mom and Dad at their house. It was yummy this year and we had a great time. Caroline's big present from Grandma Pae and Papa was a scooter as you can see from the pictures below. We all had a great time exchanging gifts. There's nothing like going home:)

Christmas Morning at Home

We had a wonderful Christmas morning at home this year. Santa was very good to Caroline. Her big item this year was a dollhouse. It was taller than she was:) Santa had a hard time putting it together and getting it downstairs:) Anyway since Christmas, Caroline has tremdously enjoyed playing with it and has enjoyed her other toys as well.