Thursday, February 26, 2009

All of our birthdays. . .

This past Saturday, on the 21st we celebrated Caroline's 3rd, my 33rd, Mama's 56th, and Aunt Linda's 60th birthdays, and in actuality it was Aunt Linda's birthday. Also on this day, Robert's grandmother died in her sleep. So it was a very difficult weekend. All in all the party was a lot of fun despite the sad news of Robert's grandmother's passing. The usual suspects showed up. . .my parents, Christina and Dwayne, Jenny, Aunt Linda and Uncle John, and Kelsie, Adam, and Isabella. Caroline and Isabella had a blast! They are both 3 now. Izzy couldn't comprehend that Caroline could be 3 too. Since she was 3, Caroline couldn't be 3 :) It made the party watching the girls play dress up, jumping on the trampoline, and opening presents. This year Caroline's cake was a princess theme, and all of her presents seemed to go along those lines as well; although, not intentionally. Grandma Pae and Papa gave Caroline this beautiful antique doll bedroom furniture that Grandma Pae spent all week painting just the perfect shade of pink. Caroline loved it, and below you can even see her in the doll bed. It reminded me of Goldilocks in the Three Bear's Beds. We had a great birthday weekend!

Caroline's 3rd Birthday

Caroline's actual birthday was on Thursday, February 19 but we didn't celebrate it until Saturday, February 21. Here are some pictures from that Thursday evening. Robert and I wanted to do something fun with her. I brought her home some balloons, cupcakes, and then we took her to McDonald's-one of her favorite places :) We also let her choose whatever she wanted to wear. As you can see, she chose this beautiful tutu. We also gave her a helicopter for her birthday. . .she loved it!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Big Girl Bed

Since Caroline will be 3 on Thursday, Robert and I decided that it was time to put her in her "big girl bed." Last year, I found this pretty 1920s era antique bed in Atlanta and bought in with Caroline in mind. We've had it in our garage ever since. This weekend we went out and bought her a full size mattress and gave her the Depression era dresser from our bedroom that she loves. It has come together very well, and I think it makes for a very pretty bedroom. Caroline loves it. As for her first night in the bed, Robert had to spend an hour with her last night pretty much talking her into sleeping in it. It was the sweetest conversation I think I have ever heard. It was very hard for Caroline's mama to put her crib up-this part of babyhood into the attic, and move onto this new stage of girlhood:)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Baby Landon

Yesterday our nephew Landon Charles was born. He is beautiful! Here are some pictures form our visit to the hospital. Caroline really enjoyed seeing him. She kissed him several times and then she was off wanting to see the other babies in the nursery:)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rebecca's Birthday Party

Now that we have entered February, our family has about a kazillion birthdays to celebrate. Among them, mine, Caroline's, my mothers, my aunts, my mother-in-laws, Caroline's great-grandmother's, and a new nephew is about to be born any day now. Also there are several friends who have birthdays in February as well. I guess Aquariuans are the best sign of the year:) Anyway, on Monday we went to ChuckE Cheese for Becca's birthday party. Caroline had a GREAT time. We have never taken her there before, and to be quite honest she went a little nuts. All she wanted to do was dance. Robert and I grew a little worried because we now KNOW that we have a party girl on our hands. Uh Oh!