Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Purple is the new pink. . .

At our house lately everything that once had to be pink, NOW has to be purple. SO tonight since it is so warm, we have the air conditioner on, and Caroline can't wear her normal pajamas. She decided that she had to have purple pajamas. Guess what! We couldn't find any. So I had the idea of letting her sleep in this purple sweater of mine that she has always loved, because it's purple of course. I thought she was adorable, and it worked :) Once my girl gets her mind set on something, she can't be swayed. . .

No Raincoat

These pictures were taken during our cold spell that resulted in the "snow" day for me. I thought they were really cute because Robert and I were on our way to the Cracker Barrel in the pouring rain and we tried to get Caroline to put on this adorable coat Grandma Martha had given her for Christmas. She would have nothing to do with it!

Picking Spring Flowers

Here are some beautiful pictures of Caroline at Grandma Pae and Papa's this weekend picking daffodils. She loves spending time outdoors, and enjoys picking the flowers and Grandma Pae's house.