Monday, April 27, 2009

Hip Pantelettes

Caroline had a stomach bug this weekend so she stayed with my mom and dad today. Caroline has this thing for baths and the nice thing with my parents house is that my mom has all of her own clothes there for Caroline. We never have to bring any clothes to my parents house because Caroline spends the night with them so much that my Mom pretty much has a closet and chest of drawers full of clothes for Caroline. Caroline is their only grandchild so they really enjoy spoiling her. . .and this is one of Grandma Pae's outfits that she bought for Caroline. Anyway back to the bath thing Caroline insisted on a bath in the middle of the day and this is what she wanted to wear afterwards. . .My mom warned me that she looked like a hippie before I picked her up, but they sort of reminded me of nineteenth century pantelettes. I would have loved this at Caroline's age. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Ready for the pool. . .

Grandma Pae bought Caroline this Minnie Mouse bathing suite from Myrtle Beach , and once Caroline saw it she had to try it on. Then she immediately started saying that she wanted to go to the pool, but the pool in Rivershyre doesn't open until another month. We let her keep it on for pretty much the afternoon. I thought she was so adorable. . .

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cheerleader/Princess. . .

Stephanie these pictures are for you. Caroline loves her cheerleader outfit from Easter and her tiara/earrings/jewelery (from you too I think)!

My Sunday Morning Flapper

I thought these were really cute of her in this 1920s style dress with the hat that I have had forever in a closet. She wore it to church on Sunday morning.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Family Easter Egg Hunt

These are pictures from today's Easter Egg Hunt at my Aunt Linda's and Uncle John's house today. We all had such a wonderful time. Afterwards the adults had a little fun by having a hard boiled egg fight :)

Happy Birthday Jenny and Wylie

This evening we we went to my Aunt Linda and Uncle John's to celebrate Easter but to also celebrate Wylie and Jenny's birthdays. We had a wonderful time.