Monday, July 13, 2009

Football in the Street

Yesterday Robert, Caroline, Christina, and Dwayne played football in the street in front of our campsite. My mother's heart cringed as I watched my child run up and down the middle of the road. I figured she was safe enough since most of the traffic consisted of bikes. . .Caroline had a blast and was really good at this! Unlike her mother who watched and took pictures :)

Last day at the Beach

Hunting Island Lighthouse

These are pictures from the Hunting Island Lighthouse.

Caroline's Boyfriend-Peyton

This was the cutest little boy who kept riding his bike by our campsite and looking at Caroline. He was three years old and named Peyton. Anyway, we kept telling Caroline to go say "Hi" to him. She said okay, but she grabbed her daddy's hand and took him with her. It was sooo cute :) Peyton stayed and played with Caroline, and Caroline flirted with him the entire time. Finally, Peyton's family came by and and he had to leave. Caroline was needless to say VERY disappointed. WE are so in trouble when she is a teenager. . .

Camping at the Beach

This was the first camping trip alone for me and Robert and our camper that mom and dad gave us. It went very well. We really enjoyed it. It was very comfortable and we feel more comfortable with the camper now. . .especially Robert I think with the driving and parking of it. The hard part was the dumping of the "gray water" and "black water" :)

Hunting Island

This weekend we camped on Hunting Island with Christina and Dwayne. It was a lot of fun. Also there was some very exciting news. . . Christina and Dwayne became engaged this weekend! Hurray!!! He proposed to her at sunrise on the beach :) Besides the engagement, we all had a wonderful time including Caroline. When I asked her what her favorite thing about our trip was, she said all the Popsicles and ice cream. . . go figure. . .

Ice Age 3

We took Caroline to see Ice Age 3 and she loved it! She was so cute. . .

Ft. Gordon Fireworks

This year for the annual Ft. Gordon fireworks we met the Cato's at Rhineharts for dinner and then went to Ft. Gordon with them to see the fireworks. Caroline and Isabella had a wonderful time riding the rides and seeing the fireworks. We also saw my parents as well as Christina and Dwayne. We all had a great time!

Robert and Caroline coming down the slide!

Adam and Isabella coming down the slide!