Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Christmas Tree Farm with the Catos

Today we got our Christmas tree with the Catos' at the Clark's Hill Christmas Tree Farm. We had a blast. We ate at the traditional Maryland's Fried Chicken and then went to get our tree. The only thing left out this year was Sanderlin's because of time. Isabella and Caroline had a wonderful time together. They are growing up so fast. They played in the tall Christmas trees; Adam brought a football and we we all threw the ball around. And of course we ate boiled peanuts. . .

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving. First we ate at my parents for lunch at then dinner at Robert's parents. All of the pictures are from lunch. . .

Monday, November 23, 2009

Open Door Thanksgiving Feast

Today was Caroline's Thanksgiving Feast at Open Door. Her class the Mice sang the Gobble Gobble song. She was sooo cute. . .

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Silly Girl-November

Okay, I've literally spent all evening uploading pictures since July. I have terribly neglected my blog and there is simply no excuse. . .:) I could say that I have been terribly busy, and that it will not happen again. I guess we shall have to wait and see. . .Robert and I have been great these past couple of months; we have both been teaching classes with University of Phoenix online. I have been teaching history classes and he has been teaching computer programming classes. Caroline LOVES Open Door--her three day a week school so I know that she will love Prek next year. Our big dilemma in life so far has been whether to do Prep or EDS. . .we are going to apply to both for next year. We have booked tickets to Norway for June for our 10th anniversary which I am so excited about---by gosh I can't wait for this trip. This year has just been so hard getting adjusted to. I don't know if its the furloughs, or what, but it just has. . .I am just thankful that I have the entire week off for for Thanksgiving-even though I am not getting paid for half of it :(

My Purple Witch--Halloween

We had great fun this Halloween. I had a precious purple witch who had a blast trick-or-treating! She could have done all night:)


We had a great time at Boshear's this year!