Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 11: Norway Again

After Stockholm, we left during the wedding crazy us! Bless our hearts we tried to stay which is another story in its self. . . and flew back to Oslo on SAS Airlines had a two hour lay over there and then back to Trondheim, Norway. We stayed the night in Trondheim on Saturday night and had a very early flight at 6 AM from Trondheim to Amsterdam via KLM and then we had a 5 hour lay over in Amsterdam where we would again fly KLM to Atlanta. Well since we had called Orbitz to JUST inquire about changing our flights so we could stay for Princess Victoria and Daniel's wedding, Orbitz without our knowledge cancelled all of our flights. Robert had a bad feeling at 3Am Sunday morning and woke up and checked our itinerary with Delta and it said Canceled on everything. We totally freaked out. He called Orbitz back, and they supposedly put us back on our flights. It starts to get crazier from here. Anyway we showed up at the KLM counter and they say they don't have our names in the computer, and to go to the Delta counter. Trondheim is about the size of Augusta with about two flights out a day, and we knew if we missed this flight we would probably be in Norway for another night. And to top this off the Delta counter said all the flights that day were full. To make a long story short, a wonderful woman at the Delta ticket counter in Norway got us on that flight because two people did not show up. Two other people had even been bumped from the flight before that. It was a crazy day. . . a day from hell! Nevertheless we both made it home thanks to Mary and another nice man in Amsterdam who managed to get us on another Delta flight. We will never use Orbitz again!


Anonymous said...


I am contacting you from Orbitz Customer Relations. If you could e-mail me your contact information, or record locator, to, I will be glad to review your account. In the subject line, please enter my name “Maggie” and include your blog and screen name.


Orbitz Customer Relations
Chicago, IL