Thursday, June 10, 2010

Norway Day 1: Wednesday

Robert and I decided to celebrate our 10th anniversary by taking a trip to Norway and Sweden. Our flight left Atlanta on June 8th with a connecting flight in Amsterdam for Trondheim, Norway. All in all, the flights were pretty uneventful. Landing in Trondheim was like landing in a valley of wildflowers; it is beautiful. The Norweigans are such nice people and there are such amazing stores here. I'm talking stores to die for!!! Stores with beautiful linens and laces; fashion is so elegant. I have been literally drooling half the time I have been here. Anyway we took a few pictures yesterday of the town of Trondheim, and are about to venture out today to the town of Kristiansund, Norway. Look at the Twilight Poster below regarding Stephenie Meyer's new book. . .apparently they are Twilight fans here as well!

Trondheim Mall :)