Friday, June 11, 2010

Norway Day 3: Friday

As I am writing this, it is about 10:30 p.m. in Norway, and it has been very rainy here today. We spoke to and saw our Caroline over Skype at my parents, and we both really miss her. She is precious. Every where we turn over here we seem to see her :) We have bought her so many souvenirs that we have thought she would love, from a medieval princess dress to a Viking snow globe. . .Anyway, today we drove down the coast a ways on the AWESOME Atlantic Road. It is stunning and not really that long at all, and, the bridge that I have so longed to see was truly an architectural miracle as far as I am concerned. As you drive over it, it is not really that steep, but the angle and curvature of it are truly awe inspiring. I have to admit it is one of the reasons I have wanted to come to Norway---to see this bridge. I have tried to capture it from so many angles! Once we arrived in Molde, where we are staying tonight we drove around a bit and ventured to the top of the mountain above the town and took a few snapshots. I just love Norwegian houses--they are so charming. . .in my terms they seem a mixture between Queen Anne and Victorian in a wonderful shade of red :) Tomorrow we are off to the fjords and to Geiranger where we will be staying for the next three nights. . .