Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Norway: Day 7

Today Robert and I hung out in Oslo. When we woke up this morning we headed to the ferry so that we could go to The Viking Ship Museum. I finally was able to see the Viking ship that I have always wanted to see. . .it was unbelievable!!! It's amazing at the quality of the artifacts preserved in this particular Viking grave. Anyway, I included a few pictures from the museum below. It's really funny because it is located in the middle of a beautiful neighborhood, and also near the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club. The other museums that we also visited today were the Fram Museum and Edvard Munch Museum. We also saw the royal palace and had a funny experience with the guards. Oslo is a very pretty city, and isn't as overwhelming as London or Paris. Tomorrow we have a very early flight to Stockholm for the next three days. . .
Oslo landscapes:

The Viking Museum:

The Fram Museum:

The Royal Palace in Oslo, Norway: