Monday, June 21, 2010

Sweden: Days 8-10

Our days in Sweden were the best of the trip for me. Stockholm is a beautiful city; one of my all time favorite that I have ever visited. Of course the wedding of the Crown Princess Victoria to Daniel Westling helped to make the trip extremely exciting, and was indeed the chance of a lifetime, even though the planning and timing was completely unintentional. We happened to see Victoria twice in one day as well as Daniel Westling. . .in person. . .it was very exciting. We were very amazed at the casualness of the monarchy in Sweden and how the people are towards it. It was very cool! And very unlike England and their monarchy. We were at the royal palace trying to buy tickets and up drives a Mercedes and a few police cars and out walks Queen Sylvia of Sweden and Princess Victoria to walk into the church; Robert and I were standing just a few feet a way. This would never have happened in England the times I have been there. You would never have been allowed in that close proximity to their royals. Other than being a part of the paparazzi across from The Grand Hotel watching the other Royal wedding guests get into their cars, we also saw the Crown Prince of Norway and his family get into their cars! We visited the Vasa Museum and mainly walked around Stockholm enjoying the wedding festivities that were going on. It was great! The theme in Sweden this summer is the Summer of Love. . . :)

The Grand Hotel (where Royals were staying)

Queen Sylvia and Princess Victoria

Royal Wedding Party leaving Dinner before Wedding: